From Combat to Glamour Photography


Welcome to Lens Diaries™ social network and community.  While Lens Diaries™ was intended as a photoblog for myself, Rolando Gomez, I decided to make it a more proactive and beneficial user experience for all photography experience levels.  With Facebook surpassing 800 million users, it’s easy for photographers to get lost in social media networks, so we’ve added a “community” section to Lens Diaries™ for every person focused on photography in some form of their lives. The community side of Lens Diaries™ also provides for social networking, branding and marketing as we’re integrated with various social media networks using custom API’s.

Networking, marketing and branding are valuable for photographers.  We are not here to copy any specific social network, not hardly.  The concept is simple, to create a user-friendly social and educational environment for those passionate about photography in addition to give them the ability to connect their photos and profiles here, with existing social platforms.  We also provide those familiar social networking tools, so the community can interact here too, such as tagging, commenting, liking, messaging, sharing, etc., plus the ability to control your privacy to the public, amongst your friends here, or just totally private.

So enjoy your visit, feel free to support us in any sensible manner, and for now I ask for your patience as we expand but please help spread the word about Lens Diaries™ so we can bring you more. Stay-tuned, tweet and Facebook-like the blog posts, visit often, link to us and join our email list too!  Thanks! Rolando