From Combat to Glamour Photography


Comments or questions are welcome. Thank you for browsing, obviously something caught your eye, so you're ready to reach out to me and ask me a question or two--that's perfectly fine! But before you send this form, please make sure you can answer "Yes" to numbered points below, if you answer at least one "No," please do not send the form as chances are you will not receive a reply. Additionally, please be specific with your questions. Please provide all contact information including a phone number and best time to contact you. I'm always open for ideas, but please remember, free photos for you doesn't feed my children. I haven't been able to convince my grocer to take photos from my printer from payments, as he says, "If it's not one of the dead presidents on a greenback, don't waste my time," so unless I've personally contacted you, I charge and you pay for my talent, not economics. Please keep in mind, when I take a photograph, a client is paying for my talent that took me over 30-years to get there and they are getting it in each photograph.  There are also other benefits, as I have a Bachelors in Communication (summa cum laude), world-wide experience, and top-clients--so you get more than just a photographer (see my bio).

1. Are you over 18-years of age? (This is mandatory for any type of glamour, beauty, nude photos, the only thing I will photograph of a minor is their ID card, even if accompanied by parents--parents can't change the law.) 2. Do you promise, you are not offering me SEO, ED pills, swamp land, timeshares, etc., and your question pertains to hiring me as a photographer, author, speaker, and/or writer only? 3. Are you willing to pay for my travel and per diem expenses? (I ride coach on Delta Airlines, eat light, drink occasionally, and don't require 4-star hotels, FYI.) 5. Are you willing to pay a deposit for all services rendered? 6. If you have a "significant other," is he/she willing to understand I am a professional and will treat you as a "subject" and I'm not looking for a male/female relationship? If so, do they promise not to bring bodily harm or threats to me for making your beauty shine in your photographs? (I'm Latin, so while I understand, please keep in mind I have five children that need me functioning.)
If you've answered "Yes" to all the questions above, feel free to send the form and please be patient for a reply, as I travel extensively. If you've answered "No" to anyone question, please save yourself some time and do not send the form. Thank you! Rolando

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