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Parental Policy

Parental Policy is a “general-audience,” we are not an “adult or porn” site and we do our best to monitor our content as some of our content that is user generated. Any mature content is reserved for registered users only.

We encourage all internet sites that are for mature audiences to protect children from mature sites. We also encourage parents to implement parental control software, to this end, we ecourange all parrents to visit this page to list the addresses of our site for use in the following automated parental control software.

Due to the increasing demands on our web server and continually evolving technologies, it is sometimes necessary to change our IP addresses. Our current IP address for blocking purposes is

Parents please note, that this notification page is being provided as a courtesy, and that neither, nor it’s owners, can be held responsible for misdelivered information, missed notifications, or third-party software which malfunctions and allows viewing of our content by minors.

We do our best to enforce any viewing by minors of this site. We consider our content and the type of photography found on this site is similar to readily available content at your local books stores and public libraries. We encourage parents not to allow their minors access to the forums and portfolios, albums, photos, which require registration to access–you must be 18-years or older to access.

Other pages of this site, such as our photo tips and up to the minute news sections, may be suitable for minors, but we recommend parental guidance and assistance for those areas. If were rated by the movie industry, we feel we would surely earn a rating no hirer than “NC-17” for some of the site and a “PG-13” for other parts of the site.

We issue this statement only to give you an analogy of our site’s content, by no means are we endorsed or affiliated by/with the motion picture industry.

Nothing, in whole or part, on this site, maybe used without written permission from, and/or its owners. Images located in each of the albums/portfolios are copyright protected by each owner of those images. All other images and intellectual property owned by and/or the perspective owners may not be reproduced or used in any form without express, written consent from If you have further questions, please contact us.