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Chairs Make Great Photo Props

Posted by in Photo Tips | 2 comments

Chairs Are Filled With Character Chairs come in many shapes and forms and are constructed from an almost limitless variety of materials....

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The Angle of Incidence Equals the Angle of Reflection

Posted by in Photo Tips | 0 comments

A Physics Rule for Photographers In physics, the law of reflection states that the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection....

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Summertime Outdoor Photography Tips for the Beach or Swimming Pool

Posted by in Photo Tips | 4 comments

Photography Under Tough, Outdoor Conditions It”s fast becoming that time again where we all like to enjoy the summer months and like...

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Communication is Essential to Great Photography

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The  Claude Shannon and Warren Weaver’s 1949 Communication Model Helps Photographers The greatest photographers in the world have three...

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Welcome to Lens Diaries

Posted by in Welcome | 0 comments

Welcome to, a hybrid photoblog and traditional blog I created to help spread the gospel of photography as I transition...

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Welcome to (Lens Diaries™), a hybrid photography blog with social flair. The photoblog provides photo tips, photo tutorials and photo diaries by professional photographer, author, writer, speaker and social media consultant, Rolando Gomez.

Lens Diaries™ is open to all levels of photographers, beginners to advanced, including fine art photography, fashion photography, wedding photography, portrait photography, people photography, baby photography, sports photography, nature photography, iphoneography, landscape photography, studio photography, underwater photography, etc.

Our primary photography focus is digital photography and digital cameras. From iPhones to Canon’s and Nikon’s, you can count on us!