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Style, Artistic Personality of a Photographer

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The Adulthood of Photography Style, some photographers have it, others don’t, many people don’t even know what style is and in photography...

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JPEG, Save For Web or Save As, Don’t Be Fooled

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Use The Right Tool For The Right Purpose One of the most misunderstood methods for displaying images on the World Wide Web, which is...

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It Hasn’t Been Shot!

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Inspiration Is The Key To Photography All too often I run into photographers, including “myself,” where we feel as though we just can’t...

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Social Photographers Are The Most Creative—And Facebook Knows This

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Prediction: Apple(Face)Book Will Rule Social Creativity I’ve often said and written about how the greatest photographers in the world are...

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The Million Dollar Question In Photography

Posted by in Photo Diaries, Photo Tips | 2 comments

What Should I Charge? I’m constantly asked by photographers at my photography workshops, “What should I charge?” This seems like a million...

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Pinterest, Inspiration And Marketing For Photographers

Posted by in Photo Tips | 6 comments

Get Inspired While Getting Noticed In a previous blog article, I talked about how Instagram combined with Tumblr are not only free, but...

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Folklore Photography, The Grim Reaper Concept

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Out of Ideas, Recreate A Myth The Story Behind The Image: I’m a bit behind after conducting, back-to-back photography workshops in Las...

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