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Getting Caught Up

Busy Life Of This Photographer

Model Photo, Lamp post

Light can always be found in the darkness.

It’s been a crazy past three months as I’ve spent weeks being filmed for an upcoming reality television show plus working with my mother’s medical conditions to get her in a rehab/nursing facility. Throw in several photography workshops in Baltimore, San Antonio, Boston, and even two, back-to-back Virgin Islands workshops along with the rest of the family and literal physical exhaustion at times, one can say I’m a bit behind on blog posts, post-production, emails, messages and even tweets. However, the good news, once I get past the Thanksgiving holiday, things will improve including the release of a new photography book!

So with my apologies for a long overdue blog topic, I decided to focus on quelling the chitchats and delivering the facts. Let’s start with my mom, she’s stable, but I can’t even tell you what it’s like as a grown man to physically lift my mother, set her on the toilet, and feel her embarrassment. It’s unfortunate, as she was prematurely released by the first rehab center to my father.  Eventually we were able to place her in a better environment and care facilities that include the proper health care services—though she doesn’t qualify for Medicare, thus it’s a private family expense paid at a cost of almost $9,000 per month! Like freedom, elderly health care isn’t cheap!

As a former active-duty Staff Sgt. of the U.S. Army for over 8-years, my patriotic values rarely allow me to publicly speak ill of our government, however, this time I have to publicly voice my opinion when it comes to our Medicare system for the elderly.  Basically Medicare, it’s a screwed up system, as this is how it really works, at least in Texas. First, those that earn a living over their employment lives pay into this system—most believing they are paying into something that will ease their elderly health care costs so they can enjoy their retirement without worry. Sadly, they are well misinformed. Most pay into Medicare to get little of anything or nothing back.

It works like this, the more you make the more you’ll pay into Medicare and usually the less you will benefit when you qualify by elder age. In a nutshell, those that earned more through hard work and personal sacrifices, usually have a better retirement system in place and with Medicare, if you are basically earning a retirement, you don’t qualify. You have to “private pay” for your services—empty your nest egg. Once you empty the nest egg you worked so hard for over the years, then you qualify—in other words, and I summarize, if you earned and saved to enjoy retirement, you have to pay for your own health care and go broke before you can reap the benefits of what you paid into the Medicare system—even though you paid into Medicare more than those that didn’t, who unlike you, are eligible to collect benefits immediately. Medicare is basically a broke joke!

Photography Workshops
For more information on my upcoming photography workshops, please visit where you can find more about upcoming workshops in Las Vegas, San Antonio, Baltimore, Seattle, Virgin Islands, Moab (Utah), and other locations.

Moving on, my photography workshops, I’ve done hundreds of them for almost 14 years and I can proudly say, we’ve canceled less than 1-percent and rescheduled less than 2-percent—that’s for over 500 of them total in over a decade! Little were ever cancelled, though a few were rescheduled. While fingers can point all day long on the reasons why, the biggest reason is people impacted by the economy cancelling near the start date, and regardless of my cancellation policy, demanding full refunds. The cancellation policy is there to protect the workshops, but unfortunately, people will challenge it in their own way without regard to those that honestly want the workshop to happen. So if you sign up for a workshop, please make sure you won’t cancel so we can deliver.

On the other side, I’m more involved in other writing and photography projects so calendar time for more workshops are greatly reduced—however, I will conduct some future workshops as a “paid instructor” for other hosts as my schedule permits, when I’m not doing workshops of my own. Please note, any workshops found on are “my” workshops and do not belong to any other person or entity unless otherwise noted. If my ongoing projects evolve as planned, obviously the workshop calendar is reduced. Though I love to teach photography, and workshops are a great avenue for that, so are books, videos, blogs, articles, television, etc., and I’m able to spread the gospel of photography to an even larger audience. I realize this is more a virtual delivery method, so I’m still available for one-on-one private instruction or “small group” semi-private instruction. So feel free to contact me if you’re interested in a more personalized, hands-on, teaching environment.

Photo, Virgin Islands Photography Workshop

Photo of Candice from the Nov. 2011, Virgin Islands photography workshop.

On the reality television show, yes, a couple of months ago we finished filming an episodic pilot and no, it didn’t make me rich nor provide for a huge salary, as like all pilots, they are risky and low-budget and everyone sacrifices just to get it done—basically it was a wash of income from my normal calendar of work. What the future holds, no one knows, other than if it’s successful, everyone benefits as it will allow me to bring you more books, articles, blog posts, photography, etc., but for now, it’s still the same old grind. When the website for the show launches, I’ll let you know along with providing you some clips and air-dates. Only fools see stars or million dollar paydays as it’s about maintaining sensibility and reality, which means I’ll keep on marching forward as usual. The bigger paydays come with time, hard work, and team effort, not pipe dreams.

U.S. Flag, Post Office, Florida

Filming location of recent reality television show, Seaside, Florida.

Now the reality of things—at some point, will have a member’s only side. I’m not sure when, but with over 75 blog posts on and at least 35 articles on, you’ve basically got an illustrated book with many chapters and unfortunately bandwidth, servers, maintenance, shooting, time for writing, etc., all costs and with Mom ill, workshop reductions and more, we are more than happy to bring you more, all we ask is for you to do your part. Sign-up for workshops, tell others about, explore sponsor links, purchase books, follow me on Facebook Fan PageTwitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Google , etc., and then perhaps, the membership side will remain free or at minimal cost.

With that I close by saying, expect more from me in photography and writing as I believe in spreading the gospel of photography! Please don’t forget our men and women in the military along with their families that pay the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms—freedom isn’t free anymore than elderly health care being cheap, thanks, Rolando

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  1. hope things get better with your always i appreciate all the knowledge you put out
    for everone. look forward to the new book.have a great thanksgiving. bob

  2. Sorry to hear about your mom RG. We’ll keep you guys in our thoughts.


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