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Photography Is The New Sexuality

Virtual Bars Are In

Note: This is not meant for every Instagram or Facebook account holder, though it applies to most—if the shoe fits, it”s meant for you!

Model Smoking

Sometimes social networks feel like hanging at the local bar.

Take a world filled with passionate people who want to aspire in life, combine it with technology plus societal pressures, and thus you have a new world hunger—the desire to be desired, visually online. Amplified by smart phones, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we now live in a world where people are “connecting” with strangers or reconnecting with old friends, and expressing themselves through photography. Photography is the new sexuality.

You don’t normally go to LinkedIn looking for romance, you go there hoping to land a better job—or post your resumé. Twitter is more for getting your thoughts off your chest, some self-promotion, but with a 140-character limit, there is no room for a bar chat. On the other hand, Facebook, the world’s largest repository for images and Instagram not far behind, are where people look for “likes,” or instant gratification. The need for appreciation is human nature.

And like all popular places, its addictive and professional research has proved it. Modern day divorces are often blamed on social media, not just money or sexual relationship strains. Whether it’s reconnecting with an old flame or finding a new fire, social media is the new “bar” that allows people to socialize—and it’s free—furthermore, the bar owner (account holder) can control the dress and conduct code, plus control the flow of patrons (followers). The only “shots” being served come in pixels, sometimes altered with filters or some type of image editing software like Adobe Photoshop®.

Everybody is at their own bar, and when it comes to couples, most are there without their other halves because these are “virtual bars” and the most common entrance is through one’s own personal smart phone. No one is ever seen walking in the doorway holding hands like normal loving couples do at a traditional bricks and mortars club, instead, the patrons enjoy “selfies” posted on status updates, or in the case of Instagram, the latest posted photos. Bar hopping is even allowed because there are no specific operating hours.

Plus the bars all reside on the Internet, thus location isn’t as important as in traditional establishments. It’s not where you live, on line; it’s how you live. The more you grow your mind-stimulating inventory (photos), the chances of attracting more patrons multiplies. Even small town folks can grow a big bar, just like living in the big city, without ever leaving home. A farmer’s daughter has the ability to meet a top corporate executive, celebrity, athlete, or even a rich oil prince. At least that’s what some of these other bar owners will portray, as the Internet allows for exaggerated personalities—though those called-out will just close the bar (delete their account) and open a new one under a different name and bio.

Model sits contemplating

We are constantly bombarded by societal pressures.

Like all establishments that serve intoxicating and mind-altering menu items where crowds gather, some moron or person with bad intentions will eventually get through. These establishments even attract minors with a virtual form of the fake ID.  Minors are even allowed to open their own establishments, though they”re supposed to serve non-alcoholic drinks, some try to make theirs a juicy juice bar, especially if their mommy and daddy are too busy operating their own bars to notice.

Whether they are serving virgin drinks or adult beverages, the bars compete for popularity amongst each other, thus some bar owners display sexier attire to reveal a bit more buns or cleavage, and still others might twerk out a short sexy video. It’s out there, T&A, though today it’s not necessarily tits and ass, it’s more like twerk and admire. There are those that keep it classy and those that confuse trash with class, but all vie for sexy. It’s about the numbers and perception. Some even beg for a double tap (Instagram like) while others find creative ways to gain new followers. So many bars scream, “Here, look at me! Me. Me. Me.” It’s not borderline narcissistic, it is narcissistic, though sometimes subtle, it’s ultimately about the hunger for approval.

Do you think I’m pretty? Do you like my new dress, swimsuit or thong? Do you like my new hair color or cut? Do you like my boobs? Do you like my beard? Do you like my muscles? Do you like my car? Do you like my butt? Do you like my cat or dog—OK, that doesn’t belong here, but really, it’s a “Do you like…” driven bar. Me. Me. Me. There are even a few squatters out there that call their bars gyms, and that’s cool, as body suits and today’s gym clothes are sexy too. Besides, who works on their biceps or buns of steel if they didn’t want some sort of appreciation? I rest my case.

Ultimately it’s about desire and being desired. It’s a smart-touch society reliant on mobile devices and other technology. With the popularity of photography sitting at the highest it’s ever been in the history of photography, no wonder sexy is in.  Societal pressures for acceptance don’t help, and besides, who doesn’t like to connect, even with old friends? In fact, I”ve run into some of my Drug War days military buddies on Facebook. With that I close and remind you, let”s not forget the men and women in the Armed Forces, plus their families, that sacrifice everyday so that we may enjoy our freedoms, including hanging out at traditional and virtual bars. God Bless our service members and their families, Rolando.

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  1. Nothing “sexy” about carcinogens. I will NEVER understand how anyone thinks a woman smoking a cigarette is sexy. Gross.

    • Michael, While I appreciate your feedback, the photo was used to illustrate what you may see a bar, someone one smoking. While I respect you do not care for smoking, nor do I advocate it, everyone has their own vice. Some people overeat, some drink, some eat bad food, and almost everyone has a nasty habit. I’m sure there are habits you do that offend others. In fact, by stating, “I will NEVER understand how anyone thinks a woman smoking a cigarette is sexy,” is a sexist remark implying it’s OK for men to smoke. So before you judge, understand what the photo illustrates and the story it tells. All the best, rg.

  2. I mostly agree with your article but what is your point ? this article seems to lack of a proper conclusion aside some US patriot conclusion.

    I’m from Switzerland and I don’t really value your armed forces national “sacrifices” (at least since 1946). Or is this artice of US audiance only ?

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