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Post Production Video Tutorial Two

Various Filters & Techniques To Bring A Photo Back To Life

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This is the second video answering one of the most frequent questions about my photography, “What do you do in post production with your photos?” I hope you like it, though I want to point out again, do your best to get it right in the camera, minimize post production whenever possible. It’s about photography, not being an image-maker.

Basically, I chose this image taken during our recent, back-to-back Virgin Islands photography workshops, not just because it was a photo of Candice I liked, but I was rushed as a tourist cruise ship came into the frame rather fast so I was not prepared with my camera. And like all things in life, when you rush, you screw up, so this video focuses on how to fix a photo where the original was shot with the wrong white balance and the wrong exposure settings. Hey, the ship came fast and I’m standing in a swimming pool! It’s also a photo where I can demonstrate more filters and techniques in one photo, for video purposes. Most of my images might utilize only one of these filters or techniques, not all at once, so this photo hopefully gives you ideas where you can apply just one of these filters if your photo(s) need it.

Correcting Photo in Post Production, Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Nik Software

The photo on the left was shot with the wrong white balance and exposure settings. The photo on the right is after post production.

Again, I want to stress, get it right in the camera. Yes, like in this photo, sometimes things come up on you fast, so you take your shot, as I did here, and worry about it later—but seriously, do your best to get it right in the camera so you don’t have to spend a lot of time in post production. There was a better photo than this where the camera adjustments were correct, but the cruise ship was already gone. As I said before, I can take 100 photos and give you 100 different videos on how they are post produced, so with these videos, my goal isn’t to give you a step by step, by the numbers “you must do it this way” guide, hardly, they are to show you how you can use these tools in your normal workflow as needed.

Virgin Islands Photography Workshop Photo

Here's the final post produced photo of Candice in the Virgin Islands.

This video demonstrates methods of various advantages of using Adobe® Lightroom to recover overexposed areas, white balance correction and exposure correction, some fill in a few shadow areas and adding some black tone to the image to pump up the contrast. Then, in Adobe® Photoshop (Version CS 5.5 used in this video), the video demonstrates the use of snapshots, levels adjustments, color adjustments, sharpening of the photo, use of the eraser tool and how moving a layer to the top with the proper opacity can reduce over correction.

In addition, the video explores the use of Nik Software Color Efex Pro and Silver Efex pro to add tone, color, contrast and saturation in an otherwise overexposed, flat image. I show how the Bleach Bypass filter adds life to the image along with adding tone with the Infrared Normal filter. It’s not uncommon for me to convert a color photo into a Black & White photo then bring back the color as in my previous video tutorial. Then I use the Bi-color filter along with the Indian Summer filter to add more in-depth color and follow it with the Color Contrast Range filter for improved color contrast and saturation.

In summary, use this video to see how certain filters and adjustments with image editing software can help an otherwise “OK” photo become a more viable photo for publication. Photography is always about tweaking, whether it’s your camera settings, lighting, posing, composition, etc., and post production is no different.

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